So, you’re dying to go back to Europe, huh?

The only problem is you have a baby to take with you!

Don’t worry.

Contrary to popular thought, having a baby doesn’t mean you’ll never travel again.

In fact, travel more!

Take your baby with you and show them the world.

It can be done.

On this list, I’m featuring the 8 best places to travel with a baby in Europe.

While it may take a little time to get your footing, you’ll come out of the experience feeling like a pro.

You can do this!

Plus, all the below cities are spots you undoubtedly want to go to anyway.

After that, I’ll recommend some of those must-have travel items, so you can be packed and prepared well in advance.

Let’s get started.


Where to Travel With a Baby

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a famously baby-friendly city.

In fact, it’s so baby-friendly that parents routinely leave their little ones to laze outside on the sidewalk while they step into the grocery store or pub for a bite to eat.

This may sound a little too free-range parenting for your tastes and that’s fine – to each their own!

What this really does, however, is speak to just how trustworthy the society is.

In other parts of the world, parents fret about their little one being kidnapped if they’re simply out of their sight.

The Danish know that their little one will be just fine if left outside for a moment, which is incredibly reassuring.

Additionally, like Amsterdam, it is also an incredibly bike-friendly and walkable city, which makes it easy to enjoy as a family.

There’s also plenty of public spaces with 125 playgrounds and child-friendly attractions that can help your entire family feel comfortable and welcome.

2. London, U.K.

London is a fantastic city all around, and there’s no denying that you can visit London for months and never do all the city has to offer.

What makes it so great to visit with a baby?

Well, you don’t have to sacrifice any of London’s highlights because of your little one.

They’ll love doing what you’d be doing anyway.

They can go to museums, the Tower of London, the London Eye, Borough Market, Camden Market, or anywhere else you may have on your list.


3. Barcelona, Spain

When you think of all of the main attractions in the city of Barcelona, they’re all ones in which your baby can happily join you on (well, except the incredibly late dinners the Spanish love to eat!).

Between Parc Güell, La Sagrada Familia, L’Aquarium Barcelona, the Barcelona Zoo, Las Ramblas, and the city’s beaches, this is one of the best places to travel with a baby in Europe.

Bring a baby carrier and get ready to walk in this charming and colorful city.

Your baby will be constantly stimulated and love the time they spend in Spain.

I’d recommend booking during a cooler time of year if you plan to use a baby carrier, so you’re not sweating to death in the heat.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

You know Amsterdam as the European city with the pretty canals and bike culture.

This can transfer fabulously when bringing your family along for the ride.

Not only will you feel comfortable walking around the city, but you can also rent bikes and bakfiets (a local version of a bike trailer).

There are also beautiful parks where you can go and hang out as a family.


More Top Picks for Baby-Friendly Destinations

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Much like London, Edinburgh is amazing because you can bring baby along for all the main attractions.

I recommend the Edinburgh bus tours.

Since Edinburgh is a hilly city, you can skip walking and take the bus instead.

This is ideal because cobblestone streets and strollers don’t typically mix.

The bus is a hop-on, hop-off bus that has 24 stops in the main city center.

You may also consider visiting the Edinburgh Castle or the National Museum of Scotland.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you may try hiking up Arthur’s Seat.

Just be sure to wear a baby carrier for your little one.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the perfect family-friendly city that you can do in a weekend.

If you’re looking for the best places to travel with a baby in Europe, you’ve found it.

Prague has numerous family-friendly activities like Petrin Hill, Nostalgic Tram No. 91, kid-friendly museums, and Children’s Island.

Kids will also love Trdelník, which is made from rolled dough wrapped around a stick that is grilled and then topped with a sugar and walnut mix.

While your baby may not be able to enjoy this yet depending on their age, the rest of the family can partake.

A fabulous family memory for all to share!

Charles-Bridge-in-Prague-Czech Republic

7. Dublin, Ireland

The Irish are known for their friendly demeanor and this extends toward the entire family.

Head to Ireland and enjoy everything that Dublin has to offer with the tiniest member of your family.

The city offers a variety of accommodation options like old castles, bed & breakfasts, and vacation rental homes.

Finding the right accommodation can be the key to having a great family vacation.

They can let you know the best local public attractions – which pub you should go to and the best ways to get around for your situation.

Invest your time into this area of research, and it’ll continue to pay off.

8. Rome, Italy

Rome is breathtaking and often at the top of everyone’s Europe list.

Can you go to Europe without visiting Italy?

Can you go to Italy without visiting Rome?

Can you do either with a baby?

Rome can be a bit harder with a baby, but as I said, don’t rule anywhere out just because you have kids.

You’ll be doing a lot of walking and touring, so take your baby’s age and temperament into mind.

Are they happy just hanging with you in a baby carrier?

If so, it’s probably entirely possible to go to the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

However, tours of places like the Vatican and the Vatican Museum can be different.

That said, if you do decide to go, you can choose a private tour that allows you to skip the line and really soak in the highlights of the sight.

If you’re finding sightseeing a bit exhausting, explore Rome’s gardens (like the Villa Borghese Gardens) where you can rent boats and bikes or have a picnic.

There’s also gelato readily available to anyone in need of a pick-me-up.

Getting excited about your trip to Italy?

Read Travel Tips for Italy: What You Need to Know Before Your Vacation.


Use These Tips to Travel Better With Baby

It’s natural to be nervous to travel with a baby.

Even if you’re familiar with Europe.

Find the right travel stroller

You may be thinking, “Can’t I just bring my regular stroller?”

Well, the answer depends on when you want to use it.

Airport security states that any stroller weighing over 20 pounds (9 kilograms) must be checked at the ticket counter.

So, if you want to have your stroller in the airport with you to use, then you’ll want to invest in a travel stroller.

The Summer Infant 3DLite is often a top travel stroller pick.

It’s not only inexpensive, but it’s durable and only 13 pounds, which means it’s super light.

It also has a multi-position recline, which means your baby will be able to lay flat whenever they want to nap on the go.

Pack a travel crib (if necessary)

You may or may not decide to invest in a travel crib depending on where you’re staying.

The travel crib is essentially a playpen that can make your life a heck of a lot easier when it comes to nap time, bedtime, and playtime.

However, if you think you’ll be staying in hotels that can provide this type of travel essential, then maybe you forego it to save space.

Up to you!

Pro Tip: Don’t pull it out in Europe and expect your baby to sleep in it soundly. Get the travel crib before the trip and let your baby nap and play in it before you start traveling. It’ll go so much smoother!

Bring a sleepsack

Sleepsacks help to regulate your baby’s body temperature and keep your baby comfortable.

This is so helpful on airplanes and in hotels when this may be unpredictable.

A sleepsack is an all-in-one, which also helps keep your luggage weight down as you won’t be packing a bunch of blankets.


Organize with packing cubes

Maybe you’ve heard the rage about packing cubes.

These aren’t exclusively baby items, but they’re certainly helpful when sorting through your baby’s luggage.

It’ll help you stay organized without the hassle – plus they’re cheap.

Click here to shop BAGAIL Packing Cubes.

Don’t forget a diaper changing pad

It’s a parent’s nightmare to go into a bathroom and see no changing table available.

You can always be prepared for this situation with this Snoofy Bee diaper changing pad.

Not only is it convenient for dirty places, but it also keeps your baby’s arms in.

You’ll never have to worry about them touching anything dirty that’s within their reach.

Order wet/dry bags

Wet/dry bags are useful for so many things.

You can use them for dirty diapers, soiled clothes, bibs, bathing suits, or anything that’s gotten wet.

You can get reusable wet/dry bags instead of using Ziplocs.

Check out these ones from Bumkins

Bring a white noise machine

White noise machines are incredibly helpful when you’re trying to get your baby to sleep in an unfamiliar environment.

Whether you have noisy neighbors or your baby just doesn’t love how the city sounds, this machine will block it out and make it easy to sleep.

Here’s a great one you can try: Big Red Rooster Sound White Noise Machine.


Plan to Buy Supplies in Europe

You don’t need to bring everything your baby owns.

Don’t be afraid to leave some stuff at home!

You should plan to buy supplies (especially disposable baby gear) at your destination.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what you should buy in Europe or avoid bringing altogether.

  • Bulky stroller – Weight limits restrict your ability to use your bulky stroller where and when you want to use it. Invest in a lighter one for greater convenience.
  • Cloth diapers – They’re great for the environment, but the mess doesn’t make them travel-convenient. Instead, plan to buy diapers and wipes (that you won’t need for your travel days, of course) at your destination.
  • Too many blankets – Sometimes less is more.
  • Heavy baby books – Choose a couple that your baby likes and keep them light to stay under weight restrictions.
  • Heavy toys – Same as baby books
  • Too many diapers – Pack what you need (estimate at about 1 diaper/hour in transit) and then buy them when you need to. Everywhere sells diapers!
  • Bulky car seat – Same as the stroller
  • Too few items of clothing – Less is more, except when your baby has a blowout, and you don’t have access to a washer and dryer. Worst case scenario, you can pick up an inexpensive outfit for your baby if you’re really in a pinch.
  • Full-sized bottles – You’re traveling now – look for travel-sized items that still fulfill your needs.

Final Thoughts

Ready to hit Europe with the whole family?

From Italy to Ireland to Denmark, these are the best places to travel with a baby in Europe, and you won’t regret experiencing the world with your little one.

What are your best places to travel with a baby in Europe? If you have any, comment below!

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to help you plan your next trip, check out The Ultimate Guide to Trip Planning.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, or simply do not have the time to plan your next trip, why not let us help you? We will create the perfect bespoke itinerary just for you!


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