For elderly travelers, there is no age limit to travel.

But in our modern age, where accessibility and technology go hand-in-hand, there are special factors to take into consideration for senior travelers.

Whether you yourself are a senior citizen, or you are traveling with an elderly parent, these travel tips for seniors will help with all of your elder needs while traveling.

Find Senior-Friendly Travel Services

First, have a plan.

This can be as detailed or as loose as you are comfortable with – just be sure to have a plan.

Designate a family member to help with travel services.

Senior cards come in very handy for older travelers: Holding an AARP card, in particular, is probably the most well known in the U.S.

You can obtain one of these as early as age 50!

They allow traveler discounts to all manner of travel services such as hotel rooms and guided tours.

Most all travel services: flights, hotels, cruises, tours, etc. have some accommodation for older travelers.

And when in doubt, always ask!

Accessible lifestyle vacations are becoming increasingly common, as most public facilities have wheelchair accessible options.

Be sure to look into these as you’re planning your upcoming travel.

Packing Tips for Seniors

Older travelers have their own requirements for packing.

Anything that you need to use on a day-to-day basis must be included in your suitcase.

If you take medications, make sure you will have enough to get you through your trip, and then some.

Take any additional materials or tools you use to help get you through a normal day.

Always wear and pack comfortable clothing; bring emergency phone numbers, extra cash, and anything you might need in case the unexpected arises.

If you are visiting family, they can help make their home more comfortable for you if that’s where you’re staying.

Also, it is wise to let your doctor or primary care physician know that you will be traveling.

They can offer any needed advice.

Make sure you have their contact information at hand should you need to call on them during your trip.


Air Travel Assistance for Seniors

If you are an elderly passenger, or traveling with an elderly companion, here are some air travel tips that will prove helpful:

  • Book a non-stop flight if possible; if not, make sure the layover leaves you plenty of time to get to your connecting flight.
  • If you can, book a flight during a time of day where you are at your most alert. For most, this is mid-morning to mid-afternoon.
  • Contact your airline and inform them of any special accommodation you will need during your flight, and when booking online, choose the correct disability options.
  • Make sure your flight does not involve smaller, regional jets where you are required to climb steps to get on board.
  • Most every airport has wheelchairs and staff who can help transport you to your gate, if needed.

Use a Senior Travel Specialist

There are travel agents that specialize in travel for older adults.

They are aware of the realities of travel for older passengers, and know how to best take care of your needs.

They will listen to you and make every accommodation they can to help your trip go smoothly.

They will also have knowledge of travel clinics should you need them, to keep your travel health in tip top shape while away from home.

As one gets older, travel can become more of a hassle.

Following these travel tips for seniors will ensure you and your loved ones will have the best trip possible.

Do you have any travel tips for seniors that I did not mention? If you do, comment below!

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to help you plan your next trip, check out The Ultimate Guide to Trip Planning.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, or simply do not have the time to plan your next trip, why not let us help you? We will create the perfect bespoke itinerary just for you!


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