Anyone up for a road trip?

For most families, simply surviving a road trip together is something of a feat, but the quality time that comes with it is irreplaceable.

Fortunately, there are travel accessories that make it totally manageable.

If you’re looking to check your stress at the door, these high-tech planning tools are exactly what you need.

These travel tips will not only help you make it through your next road trip – they’ll make you excited about it.  

High-Tech Planning Tools

Use Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers allows you to plot 150 stops between your starting point and your destination.

Download the app so you can sync the trip to your phone and then let Roadtrippers lead you exactly where you want to go.

If you’re not sure what’s great along the way, don’t worry!

They’ll tell you what is worth seeing.

It’s road trip planning made easy, which is exactly what a family needs.

You’ll see the best places and spend quality time together with minimal effort.

Visit Roadtrippers here to learn more about one of the best road trip gadgets out there.


Help Pass the Hours on Your Family Road Trip

Car Power Converter & USB charger

The car is always full of electronics during a road trip.

From smartphones and tablets to DVD players and Nintendo Switches, everyone brings along their favorite devices during a long trip in the car.

Yet, only a couple hours into the trip the batteries are suddenly drained.

Uh oh!

What do you do?

A car power converter and USB charger are must-have travel accessories.

If you don’t have these items, then they’re a must purchase before your next family road trip.

You can purchase this car power converter, which will plug into your car outlet (also known as an automobile outlet or cigarette lighter receptacle).

This converter provides both 110-volt plugs and USB charging ports.

You’ll be able to charge multiple devices at once and keep everyone in the car happy.

Car Seat Organizer for Front or Back Seat

“Are we there yet?”

How many times have you heard that from the back seat?

Keep your kids occupied with car seat organizers that have new toys in them.

This is a great parenting hack that can help make road trips more manageable.

If you have one of these filled with NEW toys, books, coloring books, crayons, and snacks, your kid(s) will be occupied for hours.

It’s also ideal to put this organizer right in between children, so everyone can reach what they need to.

Get your own here.


How to Survive Traveling While Sick

There’s not much worse than traveling while sick.

Whether you came down with something while on the road or you’re dealing with car sick kids, finding relief can be difficult.

The following road trip gadgets can help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Microfleece Travel Blanket

Everyone wants to feel cozy when they’re sick.

You’ll never regret bringing this microfleece travel blanket as a travel accessory.

It’s likely to get some use even if no one feels sick on the journey.

Here’s a great choice:

World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket

Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

Depending on the length and location of your road trip, you may be using your toothbrush in less than ideal conditions.

Never worry about where it’s been with the SARMOCARE Toothbrush Sanitizer.

This portable case uses a UV light to kill the bacteria that may be lurking on your toothbrush.

Cellphone Sanitizer

Did you know that most cellphones actually have more bacteria than a toilet seat?

You may be nervous about heading into gas station restrooms or other common places, but your phone is actually the germ-haven.

PhoneSoap Go sanitizes and charges your phone at the same time.

And, for a little extra precaution, don’t forget your hand sanitizer, masks, motion sickness medication, a first aid kit, and disinfectant wipes.

They’ll make the whole process smoother no matter what happens during the ride.  


Check the Stress at the Door

Kick Mats

When you’re driving with little kids, it’s kind of inevitable.

At one point or another, you may deal with a tantrum.

The crying, the yelling, the screaming, the kicking, the flailing.

You didn’t ask for it, but you’re certainly going to hear every second of it when you’re stuck in a car on a road trip.

The one thing that makes it a little bit better?

Not having footprints all over the back of your car seat once they’re done.

This heavy duty kick mat also has pockets where you can add books and other activities if you may be able to distract them mid-tantrum.

Travel Neck Pillow

Raise your hand if you’re hoping to sleep!

If it’s not your turn to drive, you may be hoping to get some sleep during the ride.

A travel neck pillow can make it possible to tune everyone else out when you need some peace and quiet.

They’re also necessary for that all-too-needed nap.

Here are great travel pillows for both kids and adults:

Kid’s Headset

If you’re a parent who limits screen time or listens to your kids’ shows or music, good for you.

But for the rest of us, when you charge up those devices for the trip, be sure to also order some kid’s headsets.

Family road trips are a time to keep your sanity, and there are only so many times you can listen to “Baby Shark” before you want to find the nearest cliff to drive off of.

Check out the headsets below for your next family adventure.

You can choose the one in the price range appropriate for your child’s age (you never know when a headset may go flying across the car – it’s often not terrible to start on the inexpensive side!).

One thing is for sure, though, it’s one road trip gadget you’ll never want to leave without.


Final Thoughts

These road trip gadgets will help keep everyone in high spirits on your family vacation, so you can visit the best places and spend quality time together.

Just remember – you can never overprepare with tech.

Whether you’re planning with Roadtrippers or making sure your kid has the perfect headset, you’ll be happy you put advanced thought into it.

What are your favorite road trip gadgets? If you have any, comment below!

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